How safe are we really?

My university has four entrance gates located on my campus. These gates are only open till around 8-9 p.m….every gate except the back gate.

This particular gate is left open all morning and all night. There is a guard on standby at this gate, however he is sometimes gone AWOL…which means any and everybody can come through that back gate.

Don’t get me wrong, our security guards do stand post majority of the time throughout the day. They do their job by checking decals and student id’s. But who is watching when the guards aren’t present?

I don’t know how everyone else on campus may feel about it but i live near those back gates. My apartment housing is the first thing you see once you enter the back entrance. So if there was a terrorist attack or god forbid any other crazy occurrence, i feel as though my life would be in jeopardy.

Also….how come my apartment housing doesn’t have any fire escape ladders for the residents on the upper floor levels?

There are signs in each suite about how to make it down the stairwell safely, but what if your suite is engulfed in flames and debris are barricading my room door….then what? Do i jump out my 3rd story window?

Just some food for thought….



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