Facing Adversities in College

All our lives we are told to do well in school so we can go to college and make something of ourselves.

No-one ever tells us that when we get to college the tons of stress that will be dished at us.

From the constant school work, we college students have to deal with maintaining our gpa’s, getting extracurricular work done, volunteering, peer pressure, deadlines, relationships, drama….


Commonly known as a misfortune or difficulty.

That is exactly what i am experiencing all in one semester. From the breakup with my boyfriend, remembering my routines for upcoming performances, turning in work, getting rest, not eating enough, constantly getting sick, joining organizations, financial aid, and preparing for finals.

It may not seem like a lot, but trust me it can get hectic at times.

You might think i need a psychiatrist! -I have considered it by the way. But, my mother and grandmother taught me to face my problems and not to be cowardly about things.

I think all college students can agree that college has can cause tons of adversities.

Its all about how you handle it i guess…and if i’m still here then i guess that says a lot.

Keep pushing.




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