Homecoming Rivals

Claflin University and South Carolina State University both have their own reputations. Some would say that Claflin is more of a prestigious or “stuck-up” university. Some would say SC State University is a party school or “diverse if you would.

However, when Homecoming comes around in November all of those differences go out the window…or “across the fence” as we SC State University students would say.

SC State University is known all across the state of South Carolina for our homecoming. People from all over attend our events, football game, tailgates, after-parties, etc…EVEN Claflin students.

Homecoming for SC State University usually begins on Nov. 1st. However, the student body tends to get hyped up the week before.

Claflin University on the other hand begins their homecoming on Nov. 16 throughout the 23rd. I personally have never attended their homecoming, nor have i heard anything “spectacular” about it in my 3 years here at SC State University.

However, i did take a glance at their homecoming itenarary and it looks like they have a lot to offer…just not as much as SC State University.

Claflin’s homecoming is filled with alumni gatherings, greek anniversaries, and luncheons.

SC State University has a more versatile atmosphere whereas people can come from all over and have lots of interesting activities to participate in.

Until someone shows me different, South Carolina State University will remain the reigning champions of “Homecoming”.



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