We Are SC State… So They Think

Hello everyone my name is Bridgette Frederick, i am a junior Broadcast Journalism major at South Carolina State University.

I personally enjoy all things relating to animals, nature, exercising, reading and writing. These things are my “place of Zen”. I have always had a strong interest in writing, even if i didn’t have a topic to write about.

Most times i would just let my hands do the talking, and i would end up having some really creative stories. Thus the reason i chose Journalism as a major. Math has always been my weakness but writing has always been my strength.

For most of this blog i will be working with my lovely partner Ciara Williams. She is also a junior here at SCSU. She is a Broadcast major and wishes to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting. After graduating from this institution she aspires to be a news anchor, and trust me when i say…she has just what it takes!

Future postings of this blog will most likely be pertaining to issues around our campus that is never discussed. The news always tends to bend the truth about our institution. But we are revealing the truth and the lies of what our goes on within our gates.