Facing Adversities in College

All our lives we are told to do well in school so we can go to college and make something of ourselves.

No-one ever tells us that when we get to college the tons of stress that will be dished at us.

From the constant school work, we college students have to deal with maintaining our gpa’s, getting extracurricular work done, volunteering, peer pressure, deadlines, relationships, drama….


Commonly known as a misfortune or difficulty.

That is exactly what i am experiencing all in one semester. From the breakup with my boyfriend, remembering my routines for upcoming performances, turning in work, getting rest, not eating enough, constantly getting sick, joining organizations, financial aid, and preparing for finals.

It may not seem like a lot, but trust me it can get hectic at times.

You might think i need a psychiatrist! -I have considered it by the way. But, my mother and grandmother taught me to face my problems and not to be cowardly about things.

I think all college students can agree that college has can cause tons of adversities.

Its all about how you handle it i guess…and if i’m still here then i guess that says a lot.

Keep pushing.



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How safe are we really?

My university has four entrance gates located on my campus. These gates are only open till around 8-9 p.m….every gate except the back gate.

This particular gate is left open all morning and all night. There is a guard on standby at this gate, however he is sometimes gone AWOL…which means any and everybody can come through that back gate.

Don’t get me wrong, our security guards do stand post majority of the time throughout the day. They do their job by checking decals and student id’s. But who is watching when the guards aren’t present?

I don’t know how everyone else on campus may feel about it but i live near those back gates. My apartment housing is the first thing you see once you enter the back entrance. So if there was a terrorist attack or god forbid any other crazy occurrence, i feel as though my life would be in jeopardy.

Also….how come my apartment housing doesn’t have any fire escape ladders for the residents on the upper floor levels?

There are signs in each suite about how to make it down the stairwell safely, but what if your suite is engulfed in flames and debris are barricading my room door….then what? Do i jump out my 3rd story window?

Just some food for thought….


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Homecoming Rivals

Claflin University and South Carolina State University both have their own reputations. Some would say that Claflin is more of a prestigious or “stuck-up” university. Some would say SC State University is a party school or “diverse if you would.

However, when Homecoming comes around in November all of those differences go out the window…or “across the fence” as we SC State University students would say.

SC State University is known all across the state of South Carolina for our homecoming. People from all over attend our events, football game, tailgates, after-parties, etc…EVEN Claflin students.

Homecoming for SC State University usually begins on Nov. 1st. However, the student body tends to get hyped up the week before.

Claflin University on the other hand begins their homecoming on Nov. 16 throughout the 23rd. I personally have never attended their homecoming, nor have i heard anything “spectacular” about it in my 3 years here at SC State University.

However, i did take a glance at their homecoming itenarary and it looks like they have a lot to offer…just not as much as SC State University.

Claflin’s homecoming is filled with alumni gatherings, greek anniversaries, and luncheons.

SC State University has a more versatile atmosphere whereas people can come from all over and have lots of interesting activities to participate in.

 Until someone shows me different, South Carolina State University will remain the reigning champions of “Homecoming”.


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We Are SC State… So They Think

Hello everyone my name is Bridgette Frederick, i am a junior Broadcast Journalism major at South Carolina State University.

I personally enjoy all things relating to animals, nature, exercising, reading and writing. These things are my “place of Zen”. I have always had a strong interest in writing, even if i didn’t have a topic to write about.

Most times i would just let my hands do the talking, and i would end up having some really creative stories. Thus the reason i chose Journalism as a major. Math has always been my weakness but writing has always been my strength.

For most of this blog i will be working with my lovely partner Ciara Williams. She is also a junior here at SCSU. She is a Broadcast major and wishes to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting. After graduating from this institution she aspires to be a news anchor, and trust me when i say…she has just what it takes!

Future postings of this blog will most likely be pertaining to issues around our campus that is never discussed. The news always tends to bend the truth about our institution. But we are revealing the truth and the lies of what our goes on within our gates.

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Eldercare: The Forgotten Feminist Issue.

Must read💗👍


(This was written late last year; I pitched it a few places but received little interest. I’m posting it here because, well, it’s an important conversation.)

One of my favorite pictures of my mom. Mom, back in the day.

As I write this my mother is fast asleep in a nursing home, her third stint in 15 months. It is a heartbreaking thing, watching your parent slowly succumb to her mortality. You try to prepare yourself for the call you’ll get in the middle of the night from a nurse reluctant to give you the news you’ve been dreading for years. But no amount of preparation will ready you for that call. No amount of alcohol will lessen the pain. Even writing about it is hard because it forces you to deal with an absolute, inescapable truth. She is dying, and you are powerless to stop it.

The woman I now visit several times a week is not…

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Be kind. F*ck nice.

Very interesting read👌


A friend recently asked me to write a letter to people who are always worried how they’re coming across to others. She doesn’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings by sharing hers, but she’s also sick of editing herself. In her awesome words, “I mean, when will I stop fretting over this sh*t?” (Oh dear, someone might be offended by my language. Oh well. F*ck it.) Sound familiar? Do you constantly censor yourself because you’re worried about other people’s reactions?

In our hunter-gatherer primitive nature, women especially have an inherent urge to nurture and protect. So it is completely natural to care about the feelings and opinions of others. What tends to happen, though, is that we too often put those feelings and opinions above our own. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about how our words impact other people. Of course that matters. But the more we hold back our authenticity, the less connection we feel…

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My Greatest Sorrow is My Greatest Joy

Please keep this beautiful little girl in your prayers💗 #loveyah

Strengthening the Soul

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” ~ Robert Brault

She’s dying. My 9 year old daughter is dying. Today I can say it without crying, but not necessarily tomorrow. Each day is filled with up and down emotions. Some days I am hopeful for a cure, but many days I am filled with despair and an indescribable sadness. My heart aches. My tears burn. My head and my body are tired.

You see, my daughter Abby was recently diagnosed with a rare, genetic disease that is terminal. There is no cure or treatment. No cure. 100% terminal. Every child diagnosed with this disease will die. I have never felt so helpless. As mothers, it is our job to nurse our child’s boo-boos, dry their tears, teach them how to deal with sorrow and upsets, and give them hope…

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what do you wanna be when you “grow up”?

I don’t know about you, but I am a big kid at heart and that’s kinda sad being that I’m 21…but hey who cares right? 21 is the new 16 in my book. Most people have a clear understanding as to what they want to do with their lives, and I’m just all over the place. First I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then I wanted to be an elementary teacher. Then after that I wanted to be a dentist! But somewhere…somehow I ended up majoring in Broadcast Journalism. No worries, I tend to make promising decisions so I’ll just rock it out for now who knows I might be the next Wendy Williams (figuratively that is)….


Bottom line people pick a plan & stick to it.


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